Our different product lines

Riesling Impulse® – our Estate Riesling

Modern and trendy are the labels of our Impulse line which we produce since 2004 . The artwork of different vintages comes from the artist Alina Brunner. It is an aromatic, cool fermented Riesling wine with a delightfuel freshness and fruitiness. IMPULSE is always vinified in a semisweet style without tasting sweet at all! Due to the fresh fruit acidity of Riesling the sweetness highlights the fruit and enhances the body of the wine. A wine which brings together lovers of both dry, and off-dry wines not too sweet for the dry fans and not too dry for the sweet fans. IMPULSE goes well with all kinds of Asian cuisine, BBQ in the garden, or Italian antipasti such as Parma ham with melon.

 Kabinett-line – Sidewines for food

The Kabinett line forms, with its one-piece labels as well as the red Stelvin+ closure, the mid-segment of our quality range. Single-vineyard and single-varietal vinification as well as hand-selected fruit form the basis of these wines. The fully ripened grapes are very gently processed and cool fermented. This produces aromatic Riesling with a delicate, complex flavor profile. We offer, depending on the vintage, up to three different Kabinett wines from dry to semi-sweet and sweet. The Erdener Treppchen Kabinett dry as well as its fruity relative from the Ürziger Würzgarten are produced every vintage.

Kabinett wines are the perfect wine with dinner. These wines have an abundance of flavours and drinkability. Try our dry Erdener Treppchen with fish, sea fruit and light Mediterranean dishes. The fruity Ürziger Würzgarten is an all-rounder when it comes to Asian style curries or game pies.

 Spät- & Auslese line  – Wines for the astute customer

Spätlese and Auslese wines of the winery are visually identified by the more elaborate, two-part label. Only the very fully ripened grapes are used for this kind of wine. Depending on the wine style only the healthy, clean fruit or the botrytized berries are selected. As for all of our wines with predicate (Prädikatsweine) we apply our internal quality scale for these wines. These are at least 10 ° Oe above the legal limits. Our Spätlese and Auslese wines are renowned for their complexity and concentration but still with elegance and character. Wines of this quality level come from the best vineyard sites such as the Erdener Treppchen, Ürziger Würzgartens and Ürziger Goldwingert.

Strictly limited and exclusive – our premium Wines

Visually quiet similar to the Spätlese and Auslese-line, the wines of the exclusive line are mainly bottled in 0,375l Flutes Altus bottles, sealed with a golden “Stelvin +” srewcap closure. In addition to a fruity-dry, highly concentrated selection from the family vineyard Ürziger Goldwingert, wines found in this category are mainly sweet dessert wines. The berries, which are used for making these wines are harvested with a tremendous amount of laborious, manual work. The grapes used for these wines are 100% infected with noble rott ,which completely changes the aroma profile and results in very a tropical fruitiness. The reward of all this work can be seen, for example our 2005 Riesling Erdener Treppchen Riesling Auslese Goldcapsule (No. 396) achieved 95/100 Parker points at the wine review of the international wine magazine “Wine Advocate” (you will find more information on this at PRODUCTS > WINE REVIEWS)

Wines from our treasure chamber – the traditional line

You are looking for well matured Riesling wines? We open up our treasury chamber for you. Our product line includes matured, traditionally grafted Mosel Riesling wines, which were produced by spontaneous fermentation in 1000l German oak barrels (Fuder). We are proud to offer a wide selection of fine Riesling wines dating back to 1993.

For more information please see our online shop under the category “Treasury Wine” or in the product overview list.

Sparkling Wines – our style of Champagne

The winery produces two different sparkling wines, which are made in the way of a traditional bottle fermentation (Méthode champenoise). Our sparkling wines are available in two different sweetness levels either as a dry style or an extra brut version with almost zero grams of residual sugar.

Eau de vie – fine Spirits

We are offering a variety of fruit brandies such as cherry, plum, mirabelle and “Williams Christ” pear as well as a “Mosel-Grappa” from our own grapes.