Wine Tasting Selection 2016

Get to know our wines with this special offer and have your one private wine tasting with friends at home! The package is a selection of six different wines ranging from a dry to a sweet style.

 2016 Wine tasting assortment

€ 59,00 inkl. MwSt. (VAT)

Save  € 5.90  by ordering the wine tasting package compared with a single item ordering of each wine!

The assortment consisting of six different wines (6×0.75l)  plus postage & packaging costs.

Ürziger Würzgarten Weißburgunder QBA – fruity-dry
Alc.: 12,5%, S.: 6,6g/l, Rs.: 16,0g/l, #492
vinified on the lees, smooth, mellow melting with a lot of balance, clear fruits, yellow stone-fruit and honeymelon, fresh with nice “drinkability”

Erdener Treppchen Riesling QBA – dry
Alc.: 11,0%, S.: 6,6g/l, Rs.: 7,0g/l, #493
flowery bouquet, lemongrass, concentrated, lively, fresh, well balanced with a well integrated acid structur

Ürziger Würzgarten Riesling QBA – fruity-dry
Alc.: 13,0%, S.: 5,6g/l, Rs.: 14,0/l, #494
fresh cut herbes, harmoniouse and well balanced, long and lasting aftertaste with a lot of minerals and depth

IMPULSE QBA Riesling – semi-sweet
Alc.: 11,0%, S.: 8,1g/l, Rs.: 22,0g/l, #496
modern style Riesling, juicy and refreshing, gooseberry, well balanced and well integrated acidity, a perfect summer sip

Ürziger Würzgarten Kabinett Riesling – semi-sweet
Alc.: 9,5%, S.: 6,7g/l, Rs.: 27g/l, #497
gooseberry, juicy, a fresh and light summer wine with minerals and a well balanced sweetness and acidity

Ürziger Würzgarten Spätlese Riesling – noble sweet
Alc.: 8,0%, S.: 6,0g/l, Rs.: 74g/l, #499
raisin, and yellow dried fruits, concentrated, harmonious, well-balanced, a mellow melting finish with a lot of length